Huwebes, Agosto 1, 2013

Cute boy

So handsome boy, I really like watching him. 


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 Maybe he's a grower, this Vince Ferraren top model guy. I would like to believe so, considering he is 6'2" tall and handsome in some ways with a hot body to boot. It would be such a shame if he somewhat  falls far short of, uh, our expectations. Really.


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Hail, hail the boys are here! How do you measure hotness in this picture? Let's see, Vince Ferraren  stands 6'5" and that translates vertically to 196 centimeters of man flesh! The twins Anthony and David Semerad are also at 6'5" and that would have to be pure chunky hotness at 392 centimeters, double the fun. Now, if only we can make some measurements on the horizontal level, then we can do the entire math.  


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He was here a couple of days ago as he walked the runway at the Araneta Coliseum for an underwear show. Six-feet-tall Ji Buan Ho is a popular Chinese model and he's gone skimpy-and-tight-briefs-exclusive for local brand Bench Body. In fact, he's the main man for Bench in China with his sexy billboards and advertisements everywhere.  

Bubble butt baller

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And here's the butt shot of ex-PBA player Rob Duat. Firm and tight posterior of a hunky man. 
Happy Monday everyone!

Not so vintage

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 In the olden days of Bench Body, the chunky-hunky male models dominated the underclothing landscape. One of them was Rob Duat, a Filipino-American pro basketball player  who once played for the Alaska Aces and Petron Blaze. The 6'3"-tall hunk also gamely posed for the underwear company in his jockeys and for Cosmopolitan [Phils] showing half his buttocks.